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Continuing your education

Recognizing that many law enforcement officers have had the goal of returning to or finishing school to obtain a four-year or graduate degree but are hindered by crazy work schedules, or simply want to further their knowledge or start another career, the Fraternal Order of Police has collaborated with a select group of universities willing to offer FOP members the education they need with a flexible schedule and reasonable cost.  Since 2007, the National Fraternal Order of Police University (NFOPU) has successfully paved the way for hundreds of FOP members to pursue higher or continued education.

For More Information on the National Fraternal Order of Police University Consortium Program and School Information, Click the NFOPU Logo Below

Thanks to the Fraternal Order of Police free college benefit, we are proud to offer FREE college to FOP members and their families from Eastern Gateway Community College. Online classes let you balance your career and life’s demands. You can choose either 8 week or 16 week classes.  24/7 access allows you to work on your assignments any time of day, anytime during the week!  The credits you earn at Eastern Gateway are transferable. 


For more information or enrollment information click the link below.  


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