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Non-Duty Legal Defense Fund

The Colorado Fraternal Order of Police "Non-duty Legal Plan" is available to any member in good standing with any Colorado FOP Local Lodge.  Lodge 41 has elected to cover the entire membership.  The plan provides coverage for a range of non-duty, issues that are NOT law enforcement related, legal issues.


The non-duty plan is not part of the Colorado FOP Legal Defense Plan that all members enjoy as part of their FOP membership.  They are two separate and different plans.  This plan is supplemental covering a variety of general legal issues that are not related to your occupation per se.  As such, the non-duty legal benefit has its own  separate structure, terms & conditions, attorneys, and dues schedule.


For more information about this benefit and the plan itself, please follow the link below and complete the Non-Duty Legal Coverage Inquiry Form and a member of the State Lodge's staff will be in touch to answer your questions or assist in signing up. 


Covered Claims - The following are the covered claims by subject matter. In the event that there is a question about whether the proposed claim is covered or fits the terms of the subject matter the Colorado State FOP President or his/her designee will make the decision.

  1. Criminal Defense: Criminal defense includes any misdemeanor or felony case. Specifically excluded from criminal defense coverage is any traffic tickets or parking violations (DUI/DWAI is considered a misdemeanor and is therefore covered). Applicable Cap: $15,000.00 per covered claim over the life of the   claim.

  2. Employment Law: Employment law matters includes unemployment hearings above and beyond the ten (10 hours) that is currently covered by the FOP Legal Defense Fund and District Court C.R.C.P. 106 administrative reviews of any employment decision. Specifically excluded from employment law is any matter covered by the FOP Labor Council. Applicable Cap: $15,000.00 per covered claim over the life of the  claim.

  3. General Real Estate or Transactional Matters:  This practice area includes landlord/tenant issues and/or disputes, real estate transactions, real estate finance and general business matters. Applicable Cap: $2,500.00 per covered claim over the life of the claim, provided the member has incurred the first $2,500.00 in fees towards the covered claim.

  4. Wills, Trusts & Estate Law: This practice area includes consultations involving and the preparation of one or more of the following documents (as needed) - simple will, medical power of attorney, financial power of attorney, living will, simple will with trust provisions and declaration of last remains. Applicable Cap: $15,000.00 per covered claim over the life of the  claim.

  5. Family Law: For purposes of the Plan, family law includes all proceedings arising under Article 10, Title 14 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, such as dissolution of marriage, establishment/modification of child support and maintenance, and allocation/modification of parental rights and responsibilities. Also included are hearings and sub-issues emanating from Title 19, C.R.S. proceedings, but only to the extent that the substantive law of Article 10, Title 14 C.R.S. will be applied thereto: By example, a child-support or APR hearing conducted following a Title 19 determination of paternity is a family law matter for purposes of the Plan, though the paternity determination itself is not. Specifically excluded from family law coverage are proceedings arising under Title 19 which are governed by the substantive law of Title 19, such as paternity, adoption, and/or Dependency and Neglect cases; as well as all proceedings arising under Titles or Articles other than those set forth above. Applicable Cap: $2,500.00 per covered claim over the life of the claim provided the member has incurred the first $2,500.00 in fees towards the Family Law covered claim.

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